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1449 Greenbush Cobb Rd. Williamsburg, Ohio 45176


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Opening Hours 2024
September 6th - November 2nd Fridays and Saturdays




7:00 pm – 12:00 am

7:00 pm – 12:00 am


Surviving Terror Town

- We accept cash and card at all locations and you can purchase your tickets online, or in person.

- No firearms are permitted on the property. There are armed officers on the primes during all operating hours for your protection. 


- No Fur Babies. We love them too but because of the loud noises and large crowds, it is for their safety and yours. 

- Bring extra clothes and shoes, we are an extreme outdoor venue so even those who do not wear a bracelet may encounter muddy puddles and accidental misting.

- Never touch our actors, even if they touch you! This will get you immediately escorted out of All Hallows Eve. 


- If you are wearing a bracelet and wish for an encounter to end, simply take your bracelet off and place it in your pocket! Our actors will stop all contact and move on. Using verbal commands like “stop” or “no I don’t want to” will not work! 


- Follow us on all socials and do your research online before arriving or buying a ticket! We have many options for admission, choose wisely!


- Please read ALL signage posted up at the ticketbooth and in town, these contain very important information that help ensure you have the best experience possible! 


- Always listen to all staff members instructions, staff members are not actors. 


- Red bracelets are going to be touched, bloodied, muddied, told what to do, and put through much more intimate and intense trail and town experiences. If you are not going to play along, do not buy the red bracelet. 


- Buy your tickets online at to help save some time at the TicketBooth! 


- Plan accordingly by checking out our Google Maps tour to take a look at town before you arrive! 


- The trail contains mud, water, blood, and lots of gore that is splashed, dumped, or put on Gold and Red bracelet bearers. Phones, wallets, and valuables are at risk once you place your bracelet on. Don’t worry! AHE Bespoke sells clear plastic waterproof bags that are the perfect size for your cellphone and small valuables to ensure their safety during your demise! 


- Trail wait times can exceed two-three hours. This gives you time to check out all that town has to offer! Town includes two restaurants, two saloons, vendors, games, movies, live shows, live music or karaoke, our oddities museum, and more while you wait to enter the trail! 


- Want to go with your friends but don’t want to do the trail with them? Don’t worry, buy a town pass! This will get you into town only for a cheaper price as you save money not going into the trail! 


- Never run through our town or trail, we are a high foot traffic, outdoor venue and accidents happen. 


- We use blank firing guns, Gatling guns, and cannons at our venue. If you do not like loud noises or suffer from noise related PTSD, please do your research about us online before arriving. Videos can be found including our cannon fire and guns. 

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