Frequently Asked Questions

  • Photography & Video

    While visiting our All Hallows' Eve Venue, you may be photographed, or video recorded. These images and video may be used in the future for educational or marketing purposes. Admission to the Old West Festival or its programs serves as permission for image and video use. 


    We highly recommend you purchase your tickets online to help reduce wait times when you arrive.


    If this were a movie, it would be rated R, for explicit language, simulated violence, and graphic depiction of Halloween-related subject matter.

  • Is parking on-site or close?

    Yes. We have over 30 acres of field parking located at The Festival Site and parking is FREE.

  • Is the festival handicap accessible?

    Yes. We have hard pathways for accessibility. A wood boardwalk lines our shops on Front Street. Handicapped restrooms are available. We are an outdoor event however, and it can sometimes be difficult to get to all areas of The Festival based on weather conditions and other outdoor limitations.

  • Can I bring my gun?

    We are a period event based in the 1800’s.  Cowboys during this time could not carry firearms into town. For them it was a town ordinance to prevent mayhem. For us it is an insurance issue. Only performers are permitted to carry a firearm. Please leave your firearms in the car.

  • Can I bring my pet?

    No, pets are not allowed at the venue. Please keep your pets at home.

  • Should I dress period?


  • In a hurry or just can’t stand wait times?

    We are much more than a haunted trail, we are a haunted festival! We have games, DJ’s and live bands, feature performers, about two dozen shops with independent and unique vendors showcasing some of the coolest inventory you will ever see, a museum, two saloons, a movie theater, restaurants, chocolate shops, and food trucks. And then there are the host of in town actors, scenes, and scares. We hope you’ll plan to spend the entire evening with us, we are sure you’ll enjoy it if you do! That said, we understand that some guests are under a time crunch, are primarily there for the main attraction, or just can’t stand to wait. If you fall into that group, here are some tips to plan your evening to ensure you have the experience you are looking for.


    • Come on a Friday: Our tickets are not date specific so we cannot always predict when we’ll have a large crowd. That said, Fridays typically experience half the crowd that do Saturdays.
    • Come early: The first guest through only has to wait for the trail to open! Our rush is usually from 8:00 to 9:30. Beat the crowd and get on our registration list!
    • Come late: The last group will go on the trail whether they are the last of the 8:00 to 9:30 rush, or they show up at 11:00.
    • Try something else: We desperately want to have you out, but as with all haunts, our trail is a line. We take groups of 20 on the trail every 4 minutes and even that timing can be affected by large crowds, weather, damage to props, unruly guests, illnesses, and other factors beyond any haunt’s control. As much as we want you to come enjoy the evening with us, if a 3hr wait for the trail, even with all the great entertainment we have in town is just too much, a haunt may not be your best bet for fall entertainment.