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Casket Cadaver


Pick up at All Hallows Eve LLC only!

1449 Greenbush Cobb Rd. Williamsburg, Ohio 45176

To order, call or email us at:

513-304-0444 /


Platinum silicone head, hands, and feet with a full size, posable, resin skeleton. Corpsed to reflect a realistic level of decay while enclosed in a real metal casket for the deranged to experience death up close. Perfect for funeral scenes, cemeteries, or photo op locations. For an even greater effect, spray the inside with something rancid, allowing inquisitive minds to inhale fumes from a rotting corpse “safely”.


Customize your cadavers head, hands, feet, clothes, pose, and more to best match your project.


Spay enhancement can be purchased at:


Height: Approximately 7” 

Weight: Approximately 100lbs - 120lbs


Warning: Do not remove cadaver from casket, this will ruin the decay effect and the product in its entirety. Call for an out of casket cadaver. The less this product is handled, the longer the condition will last.


Casket Cadaver (Cadaver & full size casket included)

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