June 10, 2020

To give you some background on AHE’s journey, I thought I would start from the beginning. Aside from being a screwed up kid and building haunted houses in my grandmothers basement, my family once ran a little charity haunt here in Ohio.

It was a charity haunt that gave back to a small community in much need.  Thanks to family, I was given the opportunity to develop marketing, and design layouts of some of the rooms. There I found my soul. My purpose… Later the Haunted house was shut down due to the building being condemned.

Jumping forward, it is now the year 2012. I was attending the Art Academy of Cincinnati. During a sculpture class, an assignment was given to produce an object. There were more details but honestly I can’t remember the full details. I decided to sculpt a human skull out of clay. I then created a mold from that skull and reproduced it in plaster. Some classmates were pretty stoked on how the project came out.

I actually ended up getting offers for the skull. I then decided to create a few more skulls and the y ended up selling out. I knew I’d need help fabricating them so I enlisted my younger brother, now Co-CEO to help me with production.

As quickly as we could make them, we were selling them. We used Etsy and Facebook as our catalyst to sell. This gave us the confidence to take the rains today. My brother heard the calling of the United States Marine Corps. He enlisted and served his honorable 4 years. In the last year he has returned home and we have decided to make this our goal, it is no longer going to be a dream but a reality.