June 10, 2020

I remember as a young lad having terrible nightmares. My mother collected dolls so naturally I fucking hate them to my core. Not realizing the traumatic affect of having 100’s of dolls constantly staring back with their dead eyes, my mother thought it would be a good idea to get me a ventriloquist dummy one fine Holiday.  I named him Mark because my mother said that was what she originally wanted to name me.

I began to notice Mark not being in the same place I had left him the night before. The first time he scared the bloody hell out of me, I had him sleeping right next to me. When I had awakened, he was sitting upright at the end of my bed glaring back at me with his dead dull eyes. I wasn’t any older than 9 years old, my heart was beating out of my chest, and I can remember wanting to punch him in his smirking face. I didn’t… I took it like a man and pretended nothing happened.

This happened for several weeks. The dummies moves became more and more aggressive. I remember waking up at one point and it having another dolls head in his lap. I finally took the issue to my Mother. I honestly can’t remember what she had said, but I’m pretty sure it went something like “go play outside”.  I had a suspicion that it was my older dick head brother playing a prank on me. He has done some pretty cruel torturous things, but I didn’t think he was smart enough to pull of such an elaborate hoax.

Mark had pushed me too far, and I was sick of his bullshit. I decided to stay up one night and catch him in action. I waited patiently with seemingly closed eyes. Believe me it wasn’t easy. As I lay there, low and behold, in walk’s my brother Scott and his ugly red headed girlfriend. Trust me, it was not her red hair that made her ugly.  In fact, it’s hard to be ugly as a red head and she managed to do it so well.

I didn’t make a sound. I peered through my squinted eyes straight through the brush of eyelashes.  At this point I caught him red handed. I had to be smart about this though. If I ran off and cried to mom he would just torment me in some other manor. Usually a more painful experience rather than the weeks of horror and manipulation that had passed.  I knew this was my moment to take a stand so I waited.

The following night I decided to act as usual. When the lights went off and everyone went to “bed”, I decided to hide in my large toy box. There, like a trained sniper, I patiently waited for him and his ugly girlfriend to walk in. Sure enough the moment had arisen. I had made the sheets look as if I was still sleeping calmly. As they walked in he had reached for the dummy, which I strategically placed on top of the toy box.  As he lifted the dummy I leaped out of the box scaring the shit out of both of them.

Scott has never since tormented me in a paranormal fashion. I wish I could say the same about Mark… #dummy #nightmare #dolls #horror  #silentnight #goosebumps #twighlightzone