Serpent Mound

June 10, 2020

The design of the mound matches the shape of the constellation Draco, with the star Thuban (Alpha Draconis, which served as the north pole star from the 4th to 2nd millennium B.C.) lining up with the first curve in the snake’s torso from the head.

Graves and burial mounds near the site suggest Serpent Mound’s builders may have constructed the structure for some kind of important burial or mortuary function, such as to guide spirits. But the mound itself doesn’t contain any graves or artifacts.

The purpose of this mound is still not certain. There may have been several reasons the indigenous natives had built it. Given that many native cultures in North and Central America revered snakes, attributing supernatural powers to the slithering reptiles.

Some cultures walked these trails to find spiritual and super natural enlighten. Some of these cultures believed it was important to walk these trails over and over until enlighten was achieved. Other cultures believed that traveling these trails would bring the tribesman from adolescences to maturity.