The Fox Sisters

June 10, 2020

During the Mid 1800’s– Kate and Margaret Fox – resided in Hydesville, New York, with their parents. The house they lived in had a reputation for being haunted. Reportedly, there were sounds of nocking and furniture moving across the floors.

In 1888, Margaret explained some of the mysterious sounds:

“When we went to bed at night we used to tie an apple to a string and move the string up and down, causing the apple to bump on the floor, or we would drop the apple on the floor, making a strange noise every time it would rebound. Mother listened to this for a time. She would not understand it and did not suspect us as being capable of a trick because we were so young.” – Wikipedia

One spring night, Kate challenged the paranormal, presumed to be a spirit, to repeat the snaps of her fingers, and the ghost responded. It snapped out the ages of the girls. In shock, the family reportedly called the neighbors over. After a stent of communication, the family formed a code in order to better communicate.

The Fox sisters named the paranormal entity “Mr. Splitfoot”, another name in folklore for the devil himself. Sometime later, the apparition claimed to be named Charles B. Rosna a man who supposedly had been murdered just 5 years prior to communication. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about the Fox sisters, and claimed the neighbors excavated the cellar and found a several pieces of human bone. In 1904 the entire skeleton was found, incased in the cellars wall.