The Town

We were foolish to have ever trusted any of them. The doctors, the scientists, hell even the clergy all turned out to be tools of demented cultists. Those who didn't convert, were persuaded by science, those who persisted still were tortured or sacrificed. One might expect that our town would recover if we could manage to drive those evil cultists away. Well, we were successful in driving the cultists from town, but the evil remains... and now, there is no one to restrain it.

Thanks to the Witches of Long Hall, it appears that we may succeed in doing just that but... happy as we ought to be, we are beginning to wonder if putting our lives in their black hands was just our latest mistake.

Welcome to Bravado

Our venue is set to look, feel, and smell like the 19th century. There are town folks, sheriffs, old cowboys, and lots of action. We have over a dozen shops in our town including an occult museum, 2 restaurants, food trucks on select nights, a candy shop, and 2 saloons. Things to do around town include:

  • Live Music & Karaoke

    There’s always a live band, DJ, or Scaryoke in our main saloon. Check out our calendar for the entertainment lineup. 

  • Movie Theater

    We have a theater that plays classic horror movies all night.

  • Games

    We have cornhole, beer pong, pool table, giant Jenga, darts, giant connect 4, and the legendary zombie brain smash.

  • Food

    Our 2 restaurants each have a different menu, with everything from BBQ bacon burgers, loaded nachos, walking tacos, mini donuts, cinnamon waffle bites, to good ol’ fashioned hotdogs. We also have food trucks on select nights. 

  • Drinks

    We serve a large variety of alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic Pepsi products.

  • Shopping

    Our shops are filled with Halloween-related merchandise from props, décor, accessories, health & beauty items, and more.

Meet the Denizens

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  • Accessories
  • Decor
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Beauty
  • Spiritual

AHE Bespoke

AHE Bespoke is where you can find all things TERROR TOWN… AHE apparel such as shirts, sweatpants, hoodies, beanies, hats, etc. As well as beer steins, coffee mugs, shot glasses,…


B&K Saloon

The B&K Saloon is where you can find a vast array of draft beer, bottled beer, hard seltzers and soda while you play darts, giant jenga, giant connect 4, or…


Bella Grace Apothecary

Bella Grace Apothecary is a purveyor of CBD oil products, fragrance oils, herbs, and organic hygiene/ solution products.


Black Market

The Black Market contains products produced in house by All Hallows’ Eve – Studios. You can find human skull replicas, elongated skulls, exploding skulls, silicone body parts, scary carries and…

charming memories

Charming Memories

Handmade custom photo jewelry and trinkets made on site! Take any photo from your phone and get it immortalized into a necklace, keychain, earrings, and more at this magical shop!

choc treasures 2023

Chocolate Treasures

Terrifyingly good treats such as, chocolate hearts, teeth, skulls, and Ouija Boards. As well as kettle corn, hot chocolate, face pies, and much more! This shop carries all the devilish…


Creations By Viv

Welcome to the one-stop Halloween & horror decor shop! Handmade wooden signs, wreaths, shadow boxes, battery powered candles, tabletop decor, potholders, soaps, candles, and so much more!


In Dark Circles

Goods for the weird and the wicked! Hand-poured candles, original art, clothing, jewelry, haunting home decor, oddities, and many things in between!


JC’s Pulled Pork Food Truck

JC’s Pulled Pork food truck will be with us Saturday, September 23 this season! They’ll have everything pulled pork. Don’t forget to try their shake up Lemonade!

kirtiffidy crafts

KirTiffDy Crafts

One of a kind handmade novelties. Each piece is skillfully designed and created for patrons of All Hallows’ Eve. You will find hand etched glassware, wood signs, wood burning, metal…

kisling main

Kisling Brooms

Handmade walking sticks, canes, and magical brooms all crafted for your pleasure! Find this shop to take home a uniquely made broom just in time to embrace the wonders of…



Quality handmade jewelry, fiber, woodworking, and murals crafted by a group of artisans. Beautifully spooky.