The Town

We were foolish to have ever trusted any of them. The doctors, the scientists, hell even the clergy all turned out to be tools of demented cultists. Those who didn't convert, were persuaded by science, those who persisted still were tortured or sacrificed. One might expect that our town would recover if we could manage to drive those evil cultists away. Well, we were successful in driving the cultists from town, but the evil remains... and now, there is no one to restrain it.

Welcome to Bravado

Our venue is set to look, feel, and smell like the 19th century. There are town folks, sheriffs, old cowboys, and lots of action. We have over 2 dozen shops in our town including an occult museum, 3 restaurants, food trucks, a candy shop, and 2 saloons. Things to do around town include:

  • Live Music & Karaoke

    There’s always a live band, DJ, or Scaryoke in our main saloon. Check out our calendar for the entertainment lineup. 

  • Movie Theater

    We have a huge outdoor theater that plays classic horror movies all night.

  • Games

    We have cornhole, horseshoes, pool table, giant Jenga, foosball, darts, giant connect 4, and the legendary zombie brain smash.

  • Food

    Our 3 restaurants each have a different menu, with everything from exotic dishes like rattlesnake chili, bison BLTs, Mexican tacos, to good ol’ fashioned hotdogs.

  • Drinks

    We serve a large variety of alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic Pepsi products.

  • Shopping

    Our shops are filled with Halloween-related merchandise from props, décor, accessories, health & beauty items, and more.

Meet the Denizens

  • All
  • Accessories
  • Decor
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Beauty
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Mirabellaz Menagerie

Deliciously creepy, Victorian, Gothic specimen jewelry, oddities, and decor.

street fried

Street Fried Food Truck

From frightening funnel cakes to crazy chicken, this food truck is to die for!!


Target Metal Works LLC

Follow the chilling clatter of metal and hammers in the town of Bravado to witness blacksmithing at it’s finest. Here you can watch art come to life while the blacksmiths…


The Black Plank Shop

Beautifully crafted wooden decor ranging from snake, bat, and coffin shelving to coffin pencil holders and gothic 3D wall art. You won’t want to miss this shop!

celtic cottage

The Celtic Cottage

Wander into this shop to find a plethora of handmade miscellaneous house items to keep the spirits alive! Enjoy etched glass, wood burning, and cuddly horror print teddy bears to…


The Grotesquerie Shop

The Grotesquerie Shop is a new guest vendor at Terror Town! Stop by to shop a range of hand carved candles, hand forged tobacco pipes, and many more handmade objects…

ramphatchery main

The Ramp Hatchery

Handcrafted wooden puzzles, games, and items for play and display for the entire terrifying night and all of the haunting day!


Whitney’s Ceramics

Whitney’s Ceramics is a guest vendor this season who provides a collection of horrific handmade home goods, from coffee mug cauldrons to killer kitchen supplies!