The Trail

The Trail

Chapter IV: The Descent

It is far worse than we had feared. The beast in the church promised that he was only the first of many terrors that would rise to consume our town. Well, The Prophet has been true to his name. The evil spirits of horrific stories Bravado thought it had buried decades ago, have risen. Their villains have found a second life as tormented, reborn souls with a singular purpose; to share their hellish pain with visitors and the few innocent souls that remain. And as the portal from which they escape grows, the lines of this world and another blur. As they rise from the fiery pit, we descend.

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less time in lines

Waiting for your turn at haunts is typically excruciating. At Terror Town, our text messaging system is designed to minimize your time in line. Simply put your name in and we will text you to queue up no more than 30 minutes before your turn. The rest of the time you are free to enjoy everything else the park has to offer. Games, vendors food and drink, music and live acts are all out there for you to experience. While the park opens at 7, the trail does not start until it is dark enough to get scary. That said, it is smart to arrive early and get on the wait list to beat the crowd. Either way, plan your arrival accordingly.

The Experience

We pride ourselves on detail, realism, and narrative. The cult has been driven from Bravado, but their creations remain. These creatures have no desire but to corrupt your soul and add it to their collection. The trail will run between 25 – 35 min depending on the decisions guests make during the experience.

Basic Admission

Guests not wearing a red or gold bracelet can expect an array of emotional experiences. The death and remains of a mother to be, is a somber feeling. The smells coming from characters, the sounds, visuals are all inspire our effort to hit all of your senses.

Frequently Asked Question

Enhanced Horror Passes

For those who dare to wear the red or gold bracelet, a physical, raw, and demanding adventure awaits. You may start walking the trail with your friends, but by the end you are likely to be left all alone. Some have been found blood drenched, or tortured in an asylum cell, others have been locked up as a prisoner and even buried alive. These and endless other scenarios, lie ahead for those that wear the red or gold and are not for the faint of heart. 

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Tips for the trail

  • This Experience is for Adults

    The haunt can be rather intense! For that reason, we do not recommend the trail for visitors under the age of 16 without parental consent and preferably, supervision.

  • Dress Smart!

    Our trail can get muddy and bloody! Don’t wear anything you would be upset getting dirty.

  • Your price of admission will cover just about everything!

    In addition to the haunted trail, you can visit our shops and vendors, enjoy live music and acts, and play a variety of free games. The only things for which there is an additional charge are if you decide to purchase food and drinks, purchase merchandise, or play the higher end games.

  • Be prepared to have a great time!

    We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the park. We are excited to grow and sincerely appreciate all your support!

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