Enhanced Horror

If the usual haunted attraction is too tame for you, we invite you to test your nerve with our enhanced experiences. Our Red bracelets are for guests 18 and older. Take caution, these bands may leave you drenched in blood, locked in an asylum cell, or buried alive! Our Gold bracelets offer an elevated experience to guests of all ages who want the blood, but without all the touching and torture.

New this season, our Blue Skull event will be our most intense yet! This experience will pit you and no more than two others per group, against one of our more terrifying scenes for the entirety of your trail experience. No walking from scene to scene, no breaks, only personalized fear.

Important information

At Terror Town, we strive to tailor each experience to meet the expectations of our guests on an individual basis. As with anything, we won’t succeed 100% of the time, but that is our goal, and that is why your feedback is so valuable to us. With that in mind, we want to share a few thoughts on our bracelets based on customer feedback we’ve seen and received. We are sharing this information to try to ensure that every visitor has the type of visit to Terror Town that they would like.

  • Your Bracelet is Consent

    One of the tools we use to provide different levels of intensity at the park, are our Red & Gold bracelets. Red & Gold bracelets are an added option that guests may choose to purchase if they desire a more intense experience. When one of our fans purchases a Red bracelet, they are paying our actors to engage with them physically at any time, in town or on the trail. Gold bracelets are no touch but with all the gore, blood, and guts. Actors will not physically touch you if you are wearing a Gold bracelet. 

    Wearing a Red bracelet is a beacon to our actors that an individual welcome, and more than that, has paid for and expects, a more hands on experience. Our actors may push, grab, douse with fake blood, or even carry the bearer of a Red bracelet off to play a part in one of their scenes! Of course, safety remains our primary objective so our actors train constantly to interact with visitors wearing Red bracelets in the scariest but more importantly, safest possible manner.

  • Consent Can Be Revoked

    If you elect to purchase a Red or Gold bracelet, you should also note that your choice is not final! If things get a little too real or you need a break, simply remove the bracelet and our actors will know to ease off and move on to another guest. 

  • This Experienece is Not For...

    Guests who are pregnant or who have any sort of chronic injury should not opt for the bracelet experience.

  • It Will Get Messy

    Lastly, and to all guests bracelet or otherwise, dress smart! Our canvas is a dusty old west ghost town with tall grass and a mulched road for our haunted trail. Red and Gold bracelet bearers could be doused with fake blood at any moment. Even if you are not wearing one yourself, simply standing next to a bracelet bearer could get a little messy. We have been told that our fake blood usually comes out in the wash, but we wouldn’t recommend risking your favorite shirt.